We are Codelaborate.

Codelaborate helps self-taught coders at university meet up, learn from each other and work on awesome stuff together.

Alex and Jenny.

Alex is a student at Oxford University. Jenny is a student at Oxford University.
Alex studies PPE. Jenny studies PPE.
Alex loves to code. Jenny loves to code.
They're basically the same person.
Yet Alex and Jenny didn't meet for an entire year, and only then at a tech event in London.
How did this happen?

A space to meet.

If you're a computer scientist, you know a lot of coders. But if you're not, your friends probably think CSS is a band and C a note.
Codelaborate runs weekly tech meetups for self-taught coders, whatever their level, to meet, eat pizza, learn from each other and start awesome projects together.
Because Jennys and Alexes should never miss each other again.


Come to our next event!

Right now we're Oxford-based, but we welcome anyone, from those who just want to find out what coding is about to those who have built a business from their skills. You can always learn something new from the person sitting next to you, and we want to start some awesome projects with you. Just come along- you never know, you might have fun!

Oxford Events and Meetups
Learning to Code Panel with Decoded Codecademy and Codefirst Girls


Should we have met?

Email us if we should know each other- we'd love to meet people who want to take part, help us, sponsor us, host us or just find out more.

We're running meetups and events in Oxford at the moment - by signing up below you'll be the first to hear when and where!